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The Latest Pant Saree Trend

Women have been wearing Saree for the last 5000 years. It is one of the oldest forms of women’s clothing. No matter whether we are talking about an Andhra Queen or some farmer’s wife, Indian women have always been wearing sarees. When we spun the history pages, we found out the most famous Indian queens, including Akkadevi, Bhagmati, and Palnadu Nagama were all fond of sarees. In addition to their bravery, these queens are popular for their beauty and royalty dressing styles. That is why the Saree trend is still alive all over the world. In addition to Indian women, all famous personalities and red carpet stars feel pride in wearing related attire.

Which saree style is trending in India?

Nowadays, people like to experiment and explore different styles to create the latest fashion appearances. There are countless unique and exciting options when it comes to Saree styles. However, Pant Saare is the latest and most popular trend these days. Artistic experience and unequal craftsmanship of skilled designers have made the latest trend better than all others. Usually, Indian women wear a jacket or blouse for covering their chest area and a petticoat to support the lower part or pallu. But there is no petticoat in pant saree. Instead, women wear it with a tight pant-shaped trouser or Capri.

Tips for styling your pant Saree

The most intriguing factor about these sarees is that they are budget-friendly. You need not spend hundreds of dollars on a trendy and expensive look. All you need is an old Saree piece. You can use your jeggings and any old blouse for an everyday look. Moreover, almost every Indian women own a plain black Saree clothing. Just take it out of your closet and pair it with different pants and blouses every day, and you are good to go. You can wear them in different styles. For instance, most designers pair them with jeggings, leggings, churidar, and straight pants. One can also pair them with skirts to get a dhoti saree look. No matter whether you are going to a party, a wedding ceremony, or your job, you can style according to the event without spending any money.

Tips for Draping a Pant Saree

But at first, you have to learn ways to drape this unique pant saree. Wear a matching legging, straight pant trouser, or Capri with your blouse. Do not forget to wear heels before draping the saree. Take one end of the saree and make plates the same way you do for your regular saree. Make pleating in about forty percent of the entire length of the saree. Then tuck these plates into the trousers and provide support by using pins. If you want to save hassle in the future, then you can also secure these plates with loose stitches.

Once the pleated part is tucked in and secured, start the pallu setting. The free end of the saree must be on the left side for getting a sleek look. Now, start tucking the saree into the waistband, starting from the center and moving to the left until you reach your spine. Now create similar pleatings in the free end of the saree and place it on the left shoulder. Try to create a sleek and elegant drape on your right side of the body for a more fashionable look. Once you are satisfied with the length of your pallu and drape, then secure the shoulder pleats with safety pins.

Can we wear a pant saree to a wedding or formal event?

Pant sarees usually go with all sorts of events. It all depends upon the stuff of the saree and how you carry them. For instance, go for a pure silk saree if you are getting ready for a formal function. Moreover, if you have any embroidered or laced pant trouser, then it will be best to use it for upcoming wedding functions. You can also buy stones from the market at cheap rates and attach them with clothing-glue in different patterns on pants or pallu. Peplums, crop tops, and digitally printed blouses are best for complementing your pant saree look. Western off shoulder shirts or denim ruffled blouses are also in fashion these days.

Tips for accessorizing your look

Pencil heels and pant sarees make a perfect duo. Unlike regular sarees that hide your shoes, you can not go wrong with shoes when it comes to Pant sarees. If you want a dhoti look, then go for a Khussa or festive chappals ( only if you are wearing a loose or Patiala shalwar as your pant). But if you are wearing tight embroidered or embellished trouser, then go for a pencil heel or trending PVC heels. A narrow belt also looks sleek for holding your pallu. Moreover, braided hair and heavy necklace are best for wedding seasons.

Most popular Traditional Sarees

In addition to the elegance and style, pant saree dress adds sensuality and sexiness to a woman’s body. Saare industry always makes sure to propose the latest designs and trends for keeping the traditions alive. Moreover, these sarees come in different styles. Therefore, no matter whether it is the 19th or 21st-century women can always find new trends to make their look fashionable and stylish. Besides the variety of colors, one can choose a style according to one’s taste and culture. Nauvari saree, Seedha pallu, Mekhela Chodor, and Nivi drape are some other traditional saree styles.

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