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Lehenga Style Sari

Choosing between lehenga and sari is always a difficult choice to wear at weddings. Lehenga is known for its vibrant, youthful, and stylish attire, while sarees give one an elegant and charming touch. The bride wants to look a mixture of both-traditional on one side and stylish with a western edge on the other. So, for that, there comes a lehenga saree style outfit, a blend of both outfits lehenga and sari. The bride looks the epitome of beauty when she wears it as it enhances her naturally gifted curves.

Lehenga style sari consists of a lehenga with a long dupatta attached to it, giving it a sari touch and is draped like a sari on a choli. Usually, choli in it is matched with a lehenga. For it, conventional cholis can also be used, and heavy cholis like one with mirror work, beads, etc. can also be used


If you are looking for a unique touch, lehenga style sari outfit is the best. It’s perfect for the brides and the bridesmaid as well. The young ladies who are worried because of their plus size can also rock this look by having few changes in their dresses’ stitching pattern. If you want to have a traditional look for a wedding, go for heavy worked cholis and lehengas with heavy laces. Try a fish-cut style to accentuate your beautiful figure as it gives you an elegant and stylish touch in one dress. And you can also try A-line lehenga style when you want to hide your unwanted bulge.

One more benefit of lehenga style sari is that it has no hassle. It’s effortless and comfortable to carry, and you can wear it with great ease. It has no pleats like that of a sari, which gives a sense of uncomfort among young ladies. Instead of it, the pleats are replaced with an embellished goatas, and you can rock the flared silhouette. You tuck the sari without forming pleats and drape it around your waist.

Wearing a sari for the first time can be very difficult to carry for the women. So women who want to wear sarees and rock this look can try lehenga style sari. The bridesmaid can also wear this outfit with a glamor grip. You can have a flare lehenga style sari and beautifully swirl in it. It is the best outfit, especially for young ladies. Even girls look so cute and beautiful with this look.

If you want to stand out at a wedding between lehengas and sarees, try combining both. You can always play with this look. Be creative and unique with it by merely changing the cholis. You can try heavily embellished cholis with simple ghagra style sari or keep the choli stylish and straightforward by having deep necks and fall shoulders and make lehenga style sari look heavy. It can be made of any fabric. You can choose one color or make it an ethnic outfit.

So, it’s up to you what look of it you want on your big day. But by now, we hope you get it why lehenga style sarees are the best options to wear on wedding seasons.

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